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February 20, 2019

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Studio Light markersAs you probably know, I’ve got quite a few color charts in my webshop. And they’re all free for you to download and use (since Oct. 2019 I charge a small amount for single charts, and I’ve made a complete collection book available to purchase all my charts at once!). The last couple of days I’ve been working really hard to add all the color charts that were already on my Dutch website, but weren’t here on the English one.


Previously I wrote all my blogs, and everything I did for my websites, twice: in Dutch and in English. Until a thought crossed my mind that I must be totally insane to keep doing that. It takes so much time to write and translate a blog. As well as maintaining two websites.

It was just too much and kept me from doing the things I really enjoy. So now I’m at the stage where I’m dismantling my Dutch website and redirecting all the pages and blogs to the English site. And part of that was making all of my color charts anew, in English!

Brand new color charts and more…

I’m feeling so proud, because I’m nearly done with this project. There are a couple new charts that weren’t on the Dutch site, and I’ve adjusted several old charts. And a couple of older charts were updated with new additional colors. And I’ve still got some more color charts to make or enhance. Anyway, my English webshop is filled!

Another thing I’ve been doing, which took a loooooot of time… was adding ALL of my coloring projects in the photogallery! I still had a bunch of photos to add to the 2015-2016 collection, but in 2017 I’ve also been very productive.

My personal art gallery

Dreamcatcher mandala
From Masja’s Mandala’s by Masja van den Berg. It’s in my 2018 photo collection!

And all of the pages, designs, drawings, cards etc. that I’ve colored, starting in December 2015, are online. All of it, up until now! It was a lot of work, mainly because I wanted every photo to be accompanied by the name of the drawing artist and the book title. And when no artist is known, I wanted to add at least the publisher.

So that took some time to find it all, but now it’s done. And you know what? Even if nobody cares and nobody would ever take the time to look at my coloring work, I’ve created a hell of an archive for myself. My personal art gallery 😀 hahaha.

New projects

The next project is my artwork. Last year I didn’t do that much in the coloring-for-adults-area, but the more so when it comes to stamping, inking, art journaling etc. And I’ve got loads of pictures of all of that too. So I will be adding my artwork to one or more photo albums in the very near future.

For now I haven’t got a lot more to tell you.

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Thanks for reading xx

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