Push notifications, live streams and a sweet love story


June 30, 2020

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Socials profile pictureYessss, I’ve got a tool on my website for push notifications!

I can almost hear you think ‘Huh? What? Why?’… Let me explain.

When you’re a follower of my social media accounts, you might have noticed that I’ve changed my profile picture on all of them.

It now states ‘Follow me on my own website tabbymay.art’.

What does this mean?

It’s actually very simple. I’m not a very big fan of social media. Never have been, and most likely never will be. My daughter asked me today ‘Facebook tired again?’, knowing that I’ve deleted my account more than once in the last decade.

This time I will not delete it completely, but my social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) will become so called ‘sleeping’ accounts.

In the next few weeks I will still post some things on my socials, mainly to direct people to my website. This website here is the place where I want to share whatever it is I’m doing.

And I don’t like the feeling of obligation to need to post on my social accounts to get traffic to my website. Traffic as in ‘people seeing, hearing, reading whatever it is I want to share with the world’.

Push notifications

But how will I maintain an audience without me being represented on social media? Well, in fact that is dead easy! The way it is now, you’ll notice that whenever I post something on Facebook or Instagram, you may see a notification in your menu or my post pops up on your timeline.

But that feature is not only reserved for social media! Any website can use that feature. It’s called: push notifications!

Anonymous subscription

And that’s exactly what my dear hubby has installed on my website. You now get the option to subscribe to push notifications. This means that you will get a notification every time I post a new blog, add a product to my shop or have news to share. Now, ain’t that sophisticated? 😀

The best thing is that this works on every device. So you can subscribe to it on your phone, laptop, tablet, and/or desktop computer. Whichever device you use to go to my website. If you use multiple devices to visit my website, make sure you’re subscribed to the push notifications on every single device!

So, to make sure you’ll never miss my blogs and/or news, subscribe and get notified. It’s simple, it’s easy, and it’s anonymous! I can only see how many devices receive these notifications, but I can’t see who the people are, nor how many or what kind of devices per person. I don’t get names, nor email addresses. Nada, nothing. 100% GDPR proof! 100% SPAM proof!

push notifications

Notifications history

In the lower right corner of the website you’ll find a purple-pink Gravitec-icon. That is where you can find notifications that you’ve missed.

So you can keep track of what notifications have been sent by me from this website, and it’s totally up to you whether you’d like to keep them or trash them. I’m just mentioning this option, just so you know it’s there 😉 .

You can cancel anytime

And if you no longer want to get these notifications, you can easily unsubscribe again. No need to email, just 2 clicks and you’re done. In the screenshot below it shows how you can change your settings, by clicking the little grey padlock in front of the website’s address:

unsubscribe push notifications

Changed blog post

In case you’re wondering: this blog had another story to it (hence the featured image), but that story is now only available on my other website, where I write about my music and personal stuff.


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Because I’m no longer active on social media and I want to let you know when I’ve uploaded a new post.

It’s free, it’s fast, and you’ll never miss anything from my website.

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Because I’m no longer active on social media and this is the perfect way to reach you fast whenever I’ve uploaded a new post!

It’s free, it’s anonymous and you can easily subscribe (and unsubscribe again if you want to).
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