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Social media… my 3 reasons for quitting


August 12, 2020

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Suprise, surprise

Social mediaYesterday my husband went to our mailbox, which is on the other side of town in a business center, so we only go there when we really expect something. Usually we receive a message from the manager there to let us know that a parcel has arrived.

That’s what he did yesterday. He sent two messages for two parcels. And from both parcels I knew what it contained: books I’ve ordered. So I didn’t expect my husband to come home with three parcels. I was instantly excited, because my order from Hobbyvision, a hobby shop in the Netherlands, had also arrived!

Yessss, my new stamping tool, a border ruler and some beautiful cardstock paper to make cards was finally there ❤️. Now I can write a comparison/review blog post about my new Stamp Easy stamping tool from Vaessen Creative (which I believe to be exactly the same as the Precision Stamp Press by Couture Creations), and the one that I’ve had for some years from Tim Holtz. Expect this review soon!

Facebook and other social media

But this arrival of these new art supplies made me think. What I used to do when an order arrived, is this: take a picture of everything I ordered, crop it with the ‘polygon lasso tool’ (in Adobe Fireworks), insert my logo in the picture and upload it to my social media accounts, i.e. Facebook, Instagram and sometimes Twitter too.

Well, as you may, or may not, have noticed, I’ve stopped using social media (in my case that is Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter). So as usual I took a picture of my order, to add to my archive of ordered art supplies, but I obviously didn’t upload it anywhere (until now, here in this blog, haha).

Quitting Social MediaA few weeks ago I’ve posted a picture with a notification on my social media accounts, and I wrote a blog about it, and about the ways you can still get updates when I add something to my website. But I never explained WHY I left.

So that’s what I’m about to do now.

Reasons for quitting social media

Since the whole corona/pandemic-thing took over everybody’s life, I started to notice that it became kinda ‘problematic’ to express a different opinion on social media than what the media and governments want us to believe. Let alone if you’d express disagreement with measures, new rules or laws etc.

I saw more and more intolerance and coercion, which made me hesitant to share my view on certain topics. So the thought ‘is this really how I wanna spend my time? Reading how people are bashing each other online?’ popped up a lot in my mind. And I felt restricted in sharing my point of view.

Another thing was the fact that being active on social media is very time consuming. You look up one thing, and before you know it an hour (or two, or three) has passed and all you’ve done was watching videos, reading posts and comments on posts, sharing your own thoughts and liking and sharing other people’s posts. And nothing was ever really helpful to make me feel better, let alone ‘inspired’.

Feeling depressed

My husband noticed that I was diving into a depression, and I sensed it too. Unfortunately, depression is a familiar place that I’ve dwelled in way too long in my lifetime. I felt that I was mentally heading towards a well known slippery slope, and I needed to get myself out of it before it was too late! Social media were definitely not helpful in achieving that.

I noticed that I received notifications of an enormous amount of coloring and crafting groups on Facebook I was a member of. It can be wonderful to see what other people make, and at the beginning it helped me and inspired me. But feeling inspired by seeing someone else’s work was a feeling that I didn’t feel anymore.

All I felt was overwhelm, feeling inadequate, not good enough, always wanting and needing more supplies to be able to make what others could make. And in the end, I never made what they made. Because social media are so volatile, that by the time you’ve received whatever you ordered, you’ve already forgotten where you saw it in the first place.

I also received an overload of notifications for corona related memes and posts from the people I followed on my socials. Opinions, videos, pro government, anti government, pro measures, anti measures, calls for protests, photos and videos of protests gone wrong, riots, pfffffff… it blew my mind and it made me feel so terribly confused and lost. And anxious.

All in all, I started losing myself in the overwhelm and all the negativity I experienced on social media. And that’s when I decided that I had to quit rigorously!

Social media distancing

Ranger DYlusions acrylic paintAnd now we’re a few weeks into my ‘social media distancing’. This was the best decision I could have made, because I feel so much better! I’ve unfollowed everyone, family and friends, and I’ve turned all notifications off!

The time I used to spend scrolling through Instagram, watching Facebook posts and videos, getting dragged into discussions on Twitter, has gone from hours on end to almost zero.

I now use Facebook only when I really need some information, and only when I know where to find it. Like yesterday, when I needed to know which colors of the Dylusions paint were discontinued. I went directly to the Scrapazza FB page where I remembered that they announced this earlier this year. So I could use this info to update my Dylusions color chart.

A totally different approach of using social media, and an approach that suits me way better than surfing and scrolling endlessly, and eventually getting nowhere.

Well, now you know my reasons for leaving social media. I will keep my accounts, at least for now, so that people who come across my socials know where to find me.

Thank you for visiting my website and reading my blogs! Let me know in the comments how you feel about social media. How much time do you daily spend on your socials? Do you recognize any of the feelings I described above? I’d love to hear what your thoughts are on this subject!




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