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Speckled Egg, what took you so long?


July 25, 2020

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Speckled Egg enamel pinEarly May Tim Holtz and Ranger announced that they would release a new Distress color on May 20th 2020! For many of us crafters this was great news. With 60 colors already available, and no new colors in the last five years, this announcement was a biggie! Especially that they would release this new color in 8 different Distress products.

They just didn’t reveal what color it would be, that would be revealed on the release date. So that was going to be a surprise. Question at that time was “will I pre-order a product with an unknown color or shall I wait until the color is known?”

And what product will I order? Only the Distress Oxide? I already have all of them, so you could say that I kinda ‘need’ this one to keep my stash complete and up-to-date. Or should I order the whole package of 8 Distress products?

♩♬ I want it all, I want it all … ♪♫

Being a fan of Tim Holtz and his Distress products, I couldn’t help myself, I wanted the whole shebang! And why bother what the color will be? It’s Tim Holtz, it’s Distress, that means it will be good. Period.

So I went online and had to make up my mind where to pre-order. I usually order a lot of these kinds of things in the Netherlands, but in the Netherlands they said that it would take up to the end of June before the products would arrive there. Well, that made things easy… I headed to the website of Simon Says Stamp, in the US, and saw that they offered the whole package, with a free enamel pin added to it, for a nice price.

And I gotta say that I liked the idea that I would get my hands on the new products before my crafting peers in the Netherlands would hahaha…

♪♫… and I want it now

Photo of blue eggs in a nest, from Pexels.com
Picture: Pexels/Jordan Benton

Well, I can tell you now, I didn’t laugh very long! But first let me tell you about this new color. At the release date Tim Holtz told his follower base that the new color was a “soft, shabby blue“, called Speckled Egg.

Immediately I saw a picture in my mind’s eye, of little bluish eggs in a nest. Much like the picture on the right 😉 And I was sooo happy, since this is a color that I’ve always loved. All I had to do now was wait for my Speckled Egg parcel to arrive in our mailbox.

Yeah, right…

Taking the long way home

By the end of June I still hadn’t received it. So I sent an email to Simon Says Stamp, asking if they could see or know more than I did. I had a tracking number from USPS, but it never got further than saying that my parcel was in Chicago, waiting for acceptance on May 30th. After that it went silent… no tracking, no sign of my parcel. Yikes!

The people at SSS told me they couldn’t help, that because of corona everything was delayed. I had to wait it out. Pfffffff…. In the meantime everybody I know in the Netherlands that had ordered this new Distress color was already playing with their new toys!

June went, July came. No sign of my parcel. I started counting the weeks and when 8 weeks since shipping had passed, I still had nothing. So I emailed again, asking SSS for a refund. Which they politely declined, stating that because of corona… you know. That was last Thursday.

Expecting more parcels

Thursday I got notice from the business center where we rent a mailbox, that another parcel I expected had arrived. My Caran d’Ache Luminance colored pencils, the new 24 colors! Yesssss, that really made up, kind of, for the delay of my parcel from SSS. (I’ve written blog/review about these pencils).

I forgot to tell you that I had ordered something else from Amazon on April 24th. This one also was sent from the US, and was due to arrive around May 28th. Of course, due to corona it took longer. So much longer that I assumed it got lost. The day I asked SSS for a refund, I did the same to Amazon.

And Amazon immediately granted my request: within an hour I had my payment back on the bank account.

Then Friday came, that was yesterday, July 24th.


I received another notice from the business center, that two parcels had arrived. What the hell????? Would that mean that….???? And yessssss, it did! Both delayed parcels from the US had F-I-N-A-L-L-Y arrived! Whoop whoop… I did a happy dance!

So finally I can play with my new Speckled Egg products, try out the products that I’ve never bought before from the Distress line of products, and use some new techniques that I’ve learned from Jennifer McGuire, a fantastic crafter and teacher of techniques for card making.

New photo gallery

Well, normally I would’ve posted a picture of my new materials on my social media accounts, but I must say that I really like this a lot better. Now I’ve got my stories archived on my own website, for anyone that’s interested to see, without the need of social media accounts.

And as of today, I’ve made a new photo gallery where I will add ALL the materials that I have. It will take some time to fill it all, so keep coming back every now and then to see the progress. You can always check it via the top menu => Photo gallery => My materials.

If you’ve got questions about particular materials, don’t hesitate to send me a message through my contact form. I’ll be happy to help you with any information I can give you, so that you can make well informed decisions when you’re on a buying spree for art supplies 😉 !

In the next blog you’ll get part 3 of our love story! See you then.





PS I sent Amazon a request to pay the refund back again! Yeah I know… I’m that kinda girl ?

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