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Here’s a little more explanation about why push notifications are added to my website. In the first place they are super convenient for you. You’ll never have to miss another blog, update, news flash etc. again!

When you subscribe, you’ll be notified immediately whenever I share something.

Since I’ve stopped using social media, this is the perfect way to stay informed about the things I do.

Subscribe where the fun is

My website, where you are right now, is where the action and fun is. Live streams, videos, reviews, artistic and musical projects, they’ll all be happening here. No longer on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram nor Pinterest.

So instead of push notifications from the social platforms, you’ll get them straight from the source. That way you’re always well informed and up to date. Directly, and anonymously!

Safe and secure

Push notifications are 100% anonymous and safe. I don’t know who you are, no information is shared (no name, no email address, no device, no IP, nada, nothing!). So there are ZERO privacy issues and you can unsubscribe anytime you want.

How awesome is that!

So go ahead and subscribe (if you haven’t done so already).

Just click the button below, then click the ‘yeah, good idea‘-button in the little pop up screen, confirm to your browser that you allow my website to send you notifications and you’re all set! And it’s free!


PS: if you’re already subscribed, this button won’t do anything.




PS I’ve also written a blog about this subject, where I tell a little more.

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