Have a Blast

Howdy peeps, long time no see! I’m slowly coming to life again after a kind of ‘hibernation’. Many things have

website changes

For people who don’t visit my website often, the changes might not be very obvious. But for regular visitors, things

New coloring books - part 2

Wow, I never thought it would take me this long to write the sequel to part 1! But finally here

Tabby Reads: New coloring books - part 1

And here’s finally a new blog post! I haven’t posted a blog about coloring related things since the end of

Mystieke Mandala's mystical

Recently Dutch publisher BBNC / MUS came out with another new mandala coloring book, called Mystieke Mandala’s or translated in

Tales from the Midnight Masquerade

In this review I will take a deeper dive in Tales from the Midnight Masquerade by Hanna Karlzon. This was

Fun design

Fun ‘times 5’

Just for the fun of it I asked my husband today: “How many coloring books do you think I already


In the last blog post I said that I’ve been working on a mandala book for a review, but I


Hand drawn mandala In this blog post I’m going to share a mandala coloring sheet I recently drew. And I’m

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