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Tabby Reads: Mandala for encouragement… and something really dumb


A new podcast-like video, in which Tabby May reads her latest blog about a hand drawn mandala she’s giving away for FREE, and something really dumb she decided. Wanna read the blog instead of listen? Click HERE for the written blog. ?   Link to the written blog post. Additional information (links used in blog post): Push notifications Telegram channel ...

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Mandala for encouragement… and something really dumb


Hand drawn mandala In this blog post I’m going to share a mandala coloring sheet I recently drew. And I’m about to tell you about a decision I made three months ago, that in hindsight wasn’t all too smart. The last couple of days I’ve been working on a review of a new mandala coloring book. And that book inspired ...

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How a bag could trigger a memory of 1977

MissEsBags bag

It’s been years since I’ve seen her in real life. But through social media we found each other again and for the last couple of years we’ve stayed in touch, online. The person I’m talking about is someone I share a history with in many ways. A history that started even before she was born. But let me start with ...

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Julia Woning highlighted on Sunday

Sunny Sunday Highlight Julia Woning

Big Girls For months now I regularly see drawings of the ‘Fat Ladies’ by Julia Woning on my screen in several Facebook groups. (Note: I’ve consistently translated ‘Dikke Dames’ to ‘Fat Ladies’ and it wasn’t until today that I’ve seen the English part of Julia’s website, where I discovered that she calls them ‘Big Girls’… oops… sorry Julia 😀 ). ...

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